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Exclusive warm up event

On September 1st from 15-17, we all meet at Papa Bird in the Meatpacking District, for an afternoon of cold beers, inspirational talks, and time to hang out in the company of like minded.

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September 5-9th: IDA X Techfestival

With more than 200+ summits, meetups, workshops, talks, exhibitions & parties, it can be difficult to get the full overview. That’s why we’ve selected some events that may interest you:

-   - Blockchain – The Corporate Weapon against Disruption, Sept. 7, 17:00 – 19:30

    - Ethical AI Dilemmas of Tomorrow, Sept. 7, 15:45-16.30

    - You Don’t Look Like a Developer, Sept. 5, 17:30 – 19:30

Don't miss the conversation

The main output of 2018 was the Copenhagen Catalog, acknowledged worldwide for it’s impact on the way we design and manage tech. Join Clive Thomson in 2019 with his talk about coder culture and efficiency obsession and many more opportunities at the upcoming Techfestival.

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives. Whether your livelihood or simply your interest is in tech, you cannot miss out on this conversation.

Techfestival explores how tech changes our relationships and lives, and we invite you to join the conversation. In unison with the world’s most forward thinkers, we set out a path for the possibilities, use and misuse of technology.

The first keynote speaker is announced: Clive Thompson: “The Efficiency Obsession”

• Who: Clive Thompson is a tech-author and journalist for Wired Magazine with a deep knowledge on coding culture.
• What: Thompson presents his talk The Efficiency Obsession, asks “What decides how we code our world?”
• Where: Techfestival takes over inner Copenhagen from september 5-7th.

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